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Organizing Your Cookie Cutters

Organizing Your Cookie Cutters

It’s a new year so that means it’s time organize and hit the reset button. As a cookier for over 10 years I have quit the collection of cookie cutters. With the onslaught on 3D printed cookie cutters there are always new and fun designs every time you turn around. Most cookiers are creatives so we get bored with doing the same Christmas trees or the same hearts for valentines. While fun and new cookie cutters allow for creativity, there has to be some organization in place.

First and foremorest each January I like to go through all my cutters and put out the ones that I have not used in a one time, I don’t like and hate using for decorating. Once I’ve pulled these out I will bag them and donate them to a charity here in our town.

Next it’s time to tidy up and put all those holiday cutters back into their place. This is how I like to organize my cookie cutters.

First I take a good inventory of the cutters I have and use frequently and make a list of most popular categories.

My top categories are :





Girls (&boho)













Next I dedicate a shoebox (these are my favorite linked from the container store) and start sorting. If some categories don’t have a lot you can always double up. I do that for sports and construction since there is enough room for them to share one box. For caterogies like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I like to store those away where I don’t need quick access. For the cutters that I use the most frequently, ie plaques, baby, wedding, birthday, etc I keep those easy to get to.

Since I don’t usually take the time to put cutters back each week I keep a box in here to catch all until it gets out of control and I need to put cutters back in their proper box.

Organizing your cutters makes it SO much easier when it’s time to pull cutters for orders. I’m not spending wasted time looking for a cutter because I forgot where I put it last.

Hope this helps you get and stay organized with your cutters.